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Founder & Editor:

The Brooklyn Dame is a dame from the UK. She’s an ever-evolving student of the world and globe-hopper who currently calls Brooklyn, USA home. She’s an overly-degreed, prospective escapee from indentured servitude in corporate America who has an opinion about (nearly) everything. Of course, there are some things about which she’d have to try really hard to muster up an ounce of care; she’s worn out after she reads up on politics, finance and global events. You can follow her on Twitter.

Creative Contributor:

Mia Imani is a former mortgage banker who is recovering from injuries sustained during the housing collapse. She is a self-described political news junkie and likes to get her kicks and her fix writing for 彩福彩票-【官网首页】. Follow her on Twitter.



The Featured Writers:


M.D. Anderson is the creative force behind opinion-editorials, blogs and articles on behalf of a great cause. Ghostwriting pays the bills, but makes it easy to get lost in the shadows. An oversized ego told her it’s time to elevate her own voice. She is a bundle of contradictions. Cynical and hopeful, radical and traditional, swiftly descending from the sublime to the ridiculous. Cheatsheet for comments: “With all due respect…” means “bless your heart, but you’re dead wrong, and I’m about to point it out to you.” You can follow her on Twitter.

Bryan Davies is proud, irreverent, and … Canadian, where home and native land are never far from the surface. A lapsed High Church chorister and Oxford Movement dude whose indifferent basketball talents sadly define the man, Bryan trumped Churchill’s old wheeze that socialists at 20 are conservatives at 30 with his own evolution to passionate meritocrat at age 53. With as little use for compromised centrists as for knee-jerk thinkers, Bryan’s optimism springs eternal – good ideas come from everywhere, including his blog, The Wonderwords Salon.


Harry Deshpande graduated at the bottom of the class in the bottom of university to gain a degree in commerce. After failing in numerous business ventures and managing to lose his shirt a few times, he managed to scam software companies in hiring him as a software programmer. His life’s desire, to quote his wife, is to excel in activities where there is no hope of earning any money whatsoever. You can find more writing by Harry on his blog.


Monique Gamble cut her progressive teeth streaming conservative talk radio just after college. She believes passionately that modern conservatism is out to ruin the 21st century, and is doing her part to prod the masses and to wake the proverbial sleeping dog. Monique enjoys debate, and will admit when she’s wrong. In the above case, however, don’t waste your breath. But do read. And do share your reactions. Monique respects your emotions. Also, Monique appreciates good vodka, exceptional meals, and great conversation. Follow her on Twitter.

Erica Guardino is an excessively opinionated, religiously vacant, sleep-deprived liberal hailing from the great swing state of Virginia. She wrings intellectual stimulation from the books and media at her disposal, and sends her thoughts out here and there in order to spark a dialogue, an argument, a new way to process the same old information. So stop and think, and like my favorite Beatle says: it’s alright, I’m waiting here, just waiting to hear from you.


Mikki Israel is an American-Israeli or Israeli-American, depending on the circumstances. Mikki currently resides in Israel but comes to the U.S. whenever Israelis become too annoying, then returns after the Americans have become a headache.  She is a freelance writer for whatever media outlet is brave enough to print the news — minus the spin.



Charlie Meyer is an expatriate New York native in the mountains of West Virginia, where he was a liberal weekly columnist in the Mineral Daily News Tribune. After graduating college in Honolulu, Charlie was a naval officer, and civil servant  in Washington, D.C., before fleeing the Beltway for culture shock in Appalachia. Charlie isn’t afraid to point out to readers that the “Emperor’s New Clothes” have socks which don’t match.


Born and raised in Philadelphia (East, not West), Bill Rice spent most of his days, when not shooting some b-ball outside of the school, working for a weekly newspaper. When he wasn’t writing about exciting civic meetings or clueless local politicians, Bill volunteered with the Darfur Alert Coalition. He left Philly to pursue a Master’s degree in International Relations from American University.  In D.C., Bill interned for the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and worked for the D.C. Bar. He now works for a military-associated newspaper.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a liberal humorist of long standing (although mostly sitting), Bill is a former writer for the National Institutes of Health who retired after 12 years battling Parkinson’s disease. Now he rights the wrongs of the right wing by writing, not only here but at his blogs — Deep Brain Media and The Truth’s Companion — and as one of, maybe, five liberal writers at the hugely conservative Examiner.com.  Oh, he’s an author, too. He lives in Maryland with his wife and a two head of dog. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Mike Scourby is pretty normal for a guy who grew up in Brooklyn. Well, it’s true, and that’s also the name of his blog. He’s a Yellow Dog Democrat currently living deep in a Red State but, as he told his kids, he’s moving back to Brooklyn at the first sign of a twang. Mike spends his time educating young minds to a Bluer state of mind.



When Katie Sluiter isn’t herding cats…er, teenagers…as a high school English/Spanish teacher, she is ducking Tea Partiers in her little conservative West Michigan town. She has both her Bachelor’s and Master’s in English and has dabbled in teaching writing at the college level. She can also be found writing at Sluiter Nation and neglecting all the other stuff in her life on twitter. Her writing has been featured on BlogHer.com, Studio30Plus.com, and WriteOnEdge.com


Patrick J. WhitePatrick White is retired and loving it. He shares his home with his wife and two dogs. Together they have five children, ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild. In his spare time he nurses a pet peeve: calling out folks who make unsupportable statements or bend facts. You may not agree with him, but you’ll find he provides proof. His love of evidence is a byproduct of having worked as an Army auditor, during which time he determined whether programs met legal and regulatory requirements. He’s an analyst by nature and (former) profession.